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Serious Dog Boots
We finally found a really great all- around boot that translates to all types of dogs. Our boots are technically sledding boots worn by dogs running in races like the Iditarod. This style is great when the training is tough and good traction is needed The bootie is made with fleece and has a second fabric( called elephant hide-NOT REALLY ELEPHANT HIDE)) stitched on the toe and sole area. The fleece helps the bootie breathe, and the elephant hide makes the boot skidproof. Waterproof-Skidproof-Easy on/off-Easy to run in! Reasons? broken glass-hot asphalt-foxtails-burrs-salt-snow-mud-ice-rain-insects-fishhooks Does your dog swim in the pool? Protect your liner-protect his feet!

   Size                 Measure around paw

    xxs                      1"

    xs                         1 5/8"

    s                           2"

    m                          2 3/8 "

     l                            2 7/8 "

     xl                           3 3/8 "

     xxl                          3 3/4 "





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